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MDI Intro Pack


The pandemic of 2020 has disrupted the media world.  But certain things are unlikely to change, for example, the question, "How many viewers actually watch commercials?" is certain to come up again and again. Since interesting new data is available on this important subject, we are making a special "get to know us" offer to potential new subscribers which provides three interesting articles on this subject for the nominal price of $95.  These are:

Does Anyone Watch TV Commercials?

More Insights About TV Commercial Exposure From TVision

What About Attentive Time Spent?

Each article is short and to the point, with a table or two in support of the commentary. The first article gives a historical perspective of observational studies of commercial exposure from the 1950s to the current time, with some surprising findings. The second article shows current data about commercial attentiveness by age and how it varies by show. The third article contains our exclusive estimates for all media of how much fully attentive time is spent with their editorial and ad content—it may surprise you.

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