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11/16/21:  An Ad Attention Calculator Arrives

11/09/21: More Evidence That TV Viewing Did Indeed Rise In 2020

11/02/21: How Attentive Are AVOD Viewers?

10/26/21: How Much Time Do We Really Spend with Traditional TV?

10/19/21: Do CTV Buys Lack Reach?

10/12/21: Will Attention Metrics Revolutionize the Effectiveness of TV Time Buys?

10/05/21: So How Do We Watch TV, Anyway?

09/28/21: The 2021-22 Upfront

09/21/21: Upgrading The Media Function: Audience Potential Is Not Enough

09/14/21: Why Some People Cut The Cord Or Never Use Pay TV

09/07/21: Predicting The Future Behavior Of Streamers

08/17/21: Do AVOD Viewers Pay More Attention To Commercials?

08/10/21: TV’s Ideal Rating Service Revisited

08/03/21: An Updated Look at Our Changing Use of TV Program Sources Over The Decades

07/27/21: Is “Audience Buying” Really Coming?

07/20/21: TV's Impending Advertising Reach Problem

07/12/21: Nielsen's Audience Profile For Linear and Streaming Sheds New Light

06/22/21: TV: The Shape of Things to Come

06/15/21: Will The Pandemic Stimulate More TV Consumption In The Long Term?

06/08/21: Linear TV Or Streaming: Maybe Let’s Look At The Revenues And Profits

05/18/21: Improving TV Time Buying

05/11/21: Are Advertisers Deserting TV For Digital Media?

05/04/21: Does Anyone Trust TV Commercials?

04/27/21: Did Nielsen Undercount TV Viewing During The Pandemic?

04/20/21: Calculating Attentive CPMs--Is The  Industry On The Right Track?

04/13/21: Which Medium Is The Champ In Daily Reach Attainment?

04/06/21: Are Streamers’ Motivations And Perceptions Changing?

03/30/21: TV’s Digital Footprint Keeps Growing

03/23/21: TV Trend Comparisons: Who’s Winning The Game?

03/16/21: Don't Look Now But TV Sports Viewers Are Aging Too

03/09/21: History Says We Expect Too Much From TV Audience Surveys

03/02/21: TV's Ad Selling Dreams Might Be A Nightmare

02/23/21: 18-49 and 25-54: Your Day Is Past

02/16/21: The Continued Impact Of Political Leanings On TV News

02/09/21: The Shape Of Things To Come: Evolving  Broadcast TV Network Business Plans

02/02/21: Targeted Media Buys: Who's Kidding Whom?

01/26/21: More on TV Attentiveness and "Dwell Time"

01/19/21: Are Short-Form, Single Message TV Commercials More Effective?

01/12/21: The Genre Factor In TV Program Appeals

01/05/21: A New Case History Favoring A TV & Radio Media Mix

12/15/20: Who Streams?

12/08/20: How Many Adults Would Welcome Ad-Supported Streaming Services?

12/01/20: Is TV News Becoming More Attractive to the Younger Viewer?

11/17/20: How TV Ad Clutter Looks To Viewers

11/10/20: How Many TV Commercials Are  We Really “Bombarded” With?

11/03/20: Will SVOD/AVOD Change TV’s Audience Profile?

10/27/20: TV’s 2020-21 Primetime Upfront: What Happened?

10/20/20: Short-Term Effects Of Ad Exposure  On TV Vs. Digital Platforms

10/13/20: Do Our Political News Sources Cater To Us, Or Vice-Versa?

10/06/20: Emerging Sources Of Streaming Content

09/29/20: Video Game Advertising: Has Its Time Come?

09/22/20: Is There a Problem with Local TV Impressions and Ratings?

09/15/20: The Impact Of Covid-19 On Linear TV Usage

09/08/20:  How Will Our TV Usage Change By 2025?

08/25/20: Does Anyone Watch TV Commercials? An Important Question Revisited

08/18/20: Wither Co-viewing?

08/11/20: Rising TV Ad Clutter and Its Implications

08/04/20: Household Vs. Viewer Ratings: Why It Matters

07/28/20: Better Targeting and Its Impact on ROI

07/21/20: What Do We Mean By "Viewing," Anyway?

07/14/20: The Ideal TV Rating Service: Dream Vs. Reality

07/07/20: Do Ads Really Follow the Eyeballs?

06/23/20: A Real World Assessment Of Frequency Capping

06/16/20: TV's Premium Ad Breaks: Should the Idea Be Expanded?

06/09/20: The Shape of Things to Come?

03/17/20: The Disconnect Between Audience Buying And Actual TV Consumption

03/10/20: TV Channel Access & Usage: Past, Present and Future

02/25/20: Why Can't TV Be Bought The Digital Way?

02/11/20: More Insights About TV Commercial Exposure From TVision

02/04/20: What Does The Future Hold For The  Impact Of The “Streaming Wars”?

01/28/20: How Much Will TV's Linear vs. Streaming Audience Change Between 2020-2025?

01/21/20: How Profitable Are Media Ad Sellers?

01/14/20: Does Anyone Really Watch TV Commercials?

01/07/20: TV & Digital Video Buying Methods: Will the Twain Ever Meet?

12/03/19: New TVision Take on Commercial Attentiveness by Daypart

11/19/19: Which TV Genres Benefit The Most From Delayed Viewing?

11/12/19: New Data On Subscription TV, Plus What’s Ahead

11/05/19: Non-Linear TV Content Streaming Is Not As Extensive As Believed

10/29/19: 2019 Branding Campaign Spending by Medium

10/22/19: The U.S. Government Finds that "TV" Viewing is on the Rise

10/15/19: How Important are Sports & News to "Pay TV"?

10/08/19: TV Commercial Exposure

10/01/19: Advertisers Spend More to Reach Viewers in Sports and News

09/24/19: What Do Streamers Watch?

09/17/19: The Evolution of TV Program Sources & Their Impact Over Time

09/10/19: How Fast is TV Losing its Audience?

09/03/19: OTT & Linear TV: Not an Either/Or Proposition

08/20/19: New Study Says TV Clobbers All Other Media in Ad Effectiveness

08/13/19: Assessing the 2019-20 Upfront

08/06/19: How Substantial is Linear TV's Digital Audience Lift?

07/30/19: Let's Upgrade our National TV Ratings so They Mean Something

07/23/19: The Neverending Question of How Much Frequency Is Too Much or Enough

07/16/19: Netflix Subscribers Gravitate Mainly to Non-Netflix Original Fare

07/09/19: What Happens If Netflix Decides to Sell Ads?

06/25/19: TV's Solitary Viewing on the Rise

06/18/19: TV's Rising Ad Clutter Problem and a Possible Solution

06/11/19: A Proposal to Change TV’s Upfront for the Better

06/04/19: Surprise, Surprise: Primetime TV Ad Clutter Remained the Same as Last Year

05/28/19: Pay TV “Nevers”…but not Forever?

05/21/19: Millennials’ and Boomers’ Favorite TV/Video Shows  & Networks Aren’t as Different as You Might Expect

05/14/19: Is Co-viewing a Plus for Advertisers?

05/07/19: Examining TV’s Imbalance of Content Access & Usage

04/30/19: Local News Access is Strong

04/23/19: TV Commercial Effectiveness by Length

04/09/19: Are Social Media Users TV Ad Receptive?

04/02/19: Second Screen Access While Watching TV Increasing Only Slightly?

03/26/19: The March of Time: Aging & Its Impact on TV Consumption

03/19/19: Cord Cutting Continues, but Where is it Going?

03/12/19: Digital Gains in Branding Dollars, but TV is Still the Champ

03/04/19: Profiling TV’s Connected Audience by Age & Time of Day

02/26/19: Another Study Using Eye Tracking Compares TV Commercial Lengths

02/19/19: How People Get their TV Matters to TV Programmers

02/13/19: Where do Out-of-Home TV Sports Viewers See their Teams in Action?

02/05/19: Did TV Dramatically Trim its Ad Loads this Season?

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