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2/05/19: Did TV Dramatically Trim its Ad Loads this Season?

2/13/19: Where do Out-of-Home TV Sports Viewers See their Teams in Action?

2/19/19: How People Get their TV Matters to TV Programmers

2/26/19: Another Study Using Eye Tracking Compares TV Commercial Lengths

3/04/19: Profiling TV’s Connected Audience by Age & Time of Day

3/12/19: Digital Gains in Branding Dollars, but TV is Still the Champ

3/19/19: Cord Cutting Continues, but Where is it Going?

3/26/19: The March of Time: Aging & Its Impact on TV Consumption

4/02/19: Second Screen Access While Watching TV Increasing Only Slightly?

4/09/19: Are Social Media Users TV Ad Receptive?

4/23/19: TV Commercial Effectiveness by Length

4/30/19: Local News Access is Strong

5/07/19: Examining TV’s Imbalance of Content Access & Usage

5/14/19: Is Co-viewing a Plus for Advertisers?

5/21/19: Millennials’ and Boomers’ Favorite TV/Video Shows  & Networks Aren’t as Different as You Might Expect

5/28/19: Pay TV “Nevers”…but not Forever?

6/04/19: Surprise, Surprise: Primetime TV Ad Clutter Remained the Same as Last Year

6/11/19: A Proposal to Change TV’s Upfront for the Better

6/18/19: TV's Rising Ad Clutter Problem and a Possible Solution

6/25/19: TV's Solitary Viewing on the Rise

7/09/19: What Happens If Netflix Decides to Sell Ads?

7/16/19: Netflix Subscribers Gravitate Mainly to Non-Netflix Original Fare

7/23/19: The Neverending Question of How Much Frequency Is Too Much or Enough

7/30/19: Let's Upgrade our National TV Ratings so They Mean Something

8/06/19: How Substantial is Linear TV's Digital Audience Lift?

8/13/19: Assessing the 2019-20 Upfront

8/20/19: New Study Says TV Clobbers All Other Media in Ad Effectiveness

9/03/19: OTT & Linear TV: Not an Either/Or Proposition

9/10/19: How Fast is TV Losing its Audience?

9/17/19: The Evolution of TV Program Sources & Their Impact Over Time

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