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05/14/24: What Happens When A Commercial Appears On Your Screen?

05/07/24: Are Advertisers Ignoring Audio Ad Opportunities?

04/30/24: Where Have TV's GRPs Gone?

04/23/24: TV Platform Viewing By Age: Don't Be Misled by the Stats FREE

04/09/24: Why Did Primetime Lose Its Young Viewers? FREE

04/02/24: Exclusive Reach By TV Platform

03/26/24: Ad Spend By TV Versus Other Modes of Communication

03/19/24: Lost Linear Viewers FREE

03/12/24: Leading Providers of TV Content

03/05/24: Media Shakeouts Are Nothing New

02/27/24: TV Platforms' Exclusive Reach

02/20/24: Why 18-49 and 25-54 Targeting? FREE

02/13/24: The Demographic Appeal of Ad-supported Media

02/06/24: A Quick Take on Sports Fans

01/30/24: An Update on How We Spend Our Time

01/23/24: Why Quintiles as a Metric?

01/16/24: The Aging TV Population

01/09/24: TV's CPMs Climb Upwards FREE

12/12/23: Are We Seeing Fewer TV Commercials? Gulp!

12/05/23: TV Viewing By Program Genre

11/28/23: Linear TV Profit Margins Slip

11/14/23: How TV Ad Reach Builds At Various GRP Levels

11/07/23: Debunking Media Myths FREE

10/31/23: The Myth of Targeting

10/24/23: The Pitfalls of Demographic Stereotyping

10/17/23: What's Your Margin of Error When It Comes to Understanding Media Research?

10/10/23: Shedding Some Light on Co-viewing

10/03/23: Is Pay TV At A Tipping Point?

09/23/23: The Changing Profile of TV's Heaviest Viewers

09/19/23: The Future of Streaming

09/12/23: Why Are Consumers Cutting the Cord?

09/05/23: OTS: A Myth That Needs Correcting

08/22/23: New TVision Insights About CTV

08/15/23: Primetime Upfront: Not Great, But Not So Bad Either

08/08/23: TV Attentiveness Averages Can Be Misleading

08/01/23: Refined TV Targeting: When Will TV Advertisers Change Their Ways?

07/25/23: How Does Reach Relate to Ad Awareness?

07/18/23: Let's Talk Targeting

07/11/23: Variations In Our TV Diet By Platform

06/27/23: The Role of Originals in Streaming

06/20/23: Predictions, Predictions

06/13/23: Where Do We Watch TV?

06/05/23: Do Upfront TV Time Buyers Need to De-Duplicate Reach?

05/16/23: TVision Reports on CTV Usage By Service Type

05/09/23: Let's Slow Down With FASTs

05/02/23: What A TV Ad Schedule's R&F Really Looks Like

04/25/23: TVision on TV Ad Attentiveness By Age, Daypart and Co-Viewing

04/18/23: Is TV's "Sight, Sound and Motion" Edge a Myth?

04/11/23: The Realities of Attentiveness FREE

04/04/23: How The TV Networks Can Score More Ad Dollars

03/28/23: CTV Ad Attentiveness Update Offers New Insights

03/21/23: How We Divide Our TV Time by Program Genre

03/14/23: Using Streaming to Build TV Reach

03/07/23: CTV Attentiveness Findings for 2022

02/28/23: How Ad-supported TV GRPs and Ad Spend Will Flow to Streaming

02/14/23: How Attentiveness Varies By Frequency Level

02/07/23: Which Companies Control Our TV Viewing?

01/31/23: What Does Alternative Currencies Really Mean?

01/17/23: What's Your R&F Among Heavy and Light Viewers?

01/10/23: Streaming Demographics Vary Sharply By Service

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