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Press Releases

08/10/23: TV’S 2023-24 Primetime Upfront: Not Great, But Not So Bad Either

07/25/22: TV’S 2022-23 Primetime Upfront Closes With Modest Gains

07/15/21: TV’s 2021-22 Primetime Upfront: CPMs Up Big Time; Not So Ad Dollars

10/22/20: TV’S 2020-21 Primetime Upfront: Success Depends Upon Perspective

08/12/19: TV’S 2019-20 Primetime Upfront Scores Another 5% Ad Revenue Gain

06/20/19: MDI Announces Launch of MDI Direct, Subscription On-Demand Access to their Entire Research Library

07/31/18: TV’s 2018-19 Upfront Scores 5% Ad Revenue Gain

12/12/17: Announcing 2018 Dimensions Books and Reports Bundles Discount

07/24/17: Adweek covers MDI's 2017-18 Upfront Release

07/18/17: LA Times covers MDI's 2017-18 Upfront Release

07/18/17: Mediapost/Television News Daily covers MDI's 2017-18 Upfront Release

07/18/17: TV's 2017-18 Upfront Scores 6% Ad Revenue Gain

07/13/16: National TV Ad Sales Rebound In 2016-17 Upfront

10/21/15: Media Dynamics, Inc. Announces Upcoming Release Of New TV Reach Curves

09/09/15: The 2015-16 Primetime Upfront: Another Downer for the Broadcast Networks

04/07/15: Can Advertisers Live with the Aging of Major TV Network Audiences?

02/11/15: Tracking TV's Upfront Trends: 2015-16 Could Be A Tipping Point

10/14/14: Adults Are Seeing More TV Commercials Than Ever Before

09/23/14: Adults Spend Almost 10 Hours Per Day with the Media, But Note Only 150 Ads

07/21/14: 2014-15 Primetime Upfront Closing 6% Off in Dollar Volume

06/24/14: Broadcast TV Nets Score 5% Primetime CPM Gains

05/19/14: Consumers Spending Less Time with Ads

04/21/14: Online Video CPMs Much Higher Than TV

03/24/14: Reality Fare Now Accounts For 12% Of All Viewing

Recent Media Coverage

06/19/19: A Proposal to Change TV's Upfront for the Better (Mediapost)

08/02/18: Upfront Revenue Rose 5% to $20.8B (Broadcasting & Cable)

01/16/17: Advertisers At Risk of Consumer Burnout (Mediapost)

07/25/16: As TV Market Rebounds, Programmatic Takes a Back Seat (Wall Street Journal)

07/24/16: Upfront Postmortem: Buyers Assess This Year's 'Ugly' Market (Adweek)

07/14/16: Broadcast TV Upfront Sees Gains (Wall Street Journal)

07/13/16: National TV Upfront Rises For First Time in 3 Years (Mediapost)

07/12/16: Broadcast and cable TV upfront ad sales end slump with 4.5% gain (Los Angeles Times)

09/10/15: Will Colbert Bring in Younger Audience for Brands? (CNBC)

04/7/15: Broadcast Viewers Are Older, Advertisers Must Adjust Demo Expectations (Media Daily News)

02/17/15: TV Upfront Spend Shifts, Cable Grows Steadily (Media Daily News)

08/04/14: TV Upfront Commitments Drop For First Time In Five Years (The Hollywood Reporter)

07/24/14: TV Ad Sales Fall Short Of Target (Los Angeles Times)

05/19/14: TV Audience Only Partially Attentive To Ads (Media Daily News)