About MDI

Media Dynamics, Inc. goes beyond simply reporting on current trends and hot topics to get to the heart of media, advertising and marketing issues with insightful analyses, critiques and forecasts that help create a perspective on this dynamic industry.

Media Dynamics was founded in 1982 by Ed Papazian, the former Media Research Director and Media Director of BBDO (1960-75) and co-creator/publisher of Ad Forum and The Media Cost Guide. Both publications were sold in the mid-1980s, and continue today as BrandWeek and The Marketer's Guide To Media, respectively. MDI's first publication, TV Dimensions, was launched in 1982 as the reference source for data trending and insights on the medium. In 1986, Media Matters (now a free bi-weekly e-newsletter) was created with the goal of delving into territory often slighted by other publications and presenting a voice of reason to a frenetic and often overloaded media industry.

Magazine Dimensions, an annual that applies the same rigorous explorations and analyses to consumer magazines, began publication in 1994, followed by MDI's marketing report, Consumer Dimensions, in 1999 and another new annual, Radio Dimensions, in 2005. Intermedia Dimensions (now Cross-Platform Dimensions) debuted in 2007. Other publications have included Internet Dimensions and Ed Papazian's TV Now & Then: How We Use It; How It Uses Us. In the past decade, Media Dynamics has concentrated on producing Special Reports that focus on targeted areas of the media, e.g. spot TV, cable, ad receptivity, CPMs and upfront cost estimates. Beginning in 2019, MDI took a page from streaming TV and began a full access online subscription service, MDI Direct, making all of its publications available for one price.

In addition, Media Dynamics, Inc. has spent more than 30 years consulting on a variety of media issues, most notably agency/client interactions on the media function, the hiring of independent media buying services and the evaluation of agency/media buying performance. Past clients include a cross section of TV networks, cable services, magazines, TV & radio reps, advertisers, ad agencies, research companies and new media.

Carol Williams joined the company in 1988, immediately putting her journalism and publishing background into play. In 1999, she became a Partner in the company and continues to serve as Senior Vice President, Executive Director, overseeing all operations of the company. In 1998, Elizabeth Wakelin joined the Media Dynamics research team and currently oversees the entire department as Vice President, Research and Marketing.