Discontinued Publications

Over the years, Media Dynamics, Inc. has also published reports that are no longer updated, but nevertheless contain valuable information to subscribers. To purchase any of these reports, call Customer Service at 973-542-8188.

Cross-Platform Dimensions

Cross-Platform Dimensions is designed to help make realistic evaluations of the audiences and advertising efficacy of TV, digital, radio, print and out-of-home on a comparative basis. It’s impossible to understate the impact the new and emerging platforms have had on traditional media over the past two decades. We quantify these changes and analyze how each of the media perform as advertising vehicles in this evolving environment, from the perspective of audience, time spent, demographics, reach & frequency, CPMs, ad exposure and ad impact. CPD also interprets what this all means from a media planner's standpoint and delves into much-discussed areas like how to develop comparable audience metrics across media.

Published March 2022; 101 pages. Print and Ebook editions. $500

Magazine Dimensions

Magazine Dimensions includes Starch's qualitative data on ad impact, MDI's popular CPM estimates by magazine genre, plus data on magazine audiences by demographics, reader-per-copy data, the state of the magazine industry and an extensive appendix that is filled with classic research and analysis–a vital collection for anyone who needs to bone up on how the magazine industry's sales and research practices work.

Published November 2012; 287 pages. Print edition. $250

Radio Dimensions
Radio Dimensions includes our cost-per-rating-point estimates by daypart and demos for 150 markets, as well as investigations regarding radio's reach and frequency capabilities and qualitative distinctions in listener engagement, all of which should be important to buyers and sellers alike. We have also intensified our tracking of Internet and satellite radio. Many of our older but still relevant white papers are also retained in the Appendix to this edition, for the benefit of those who may have missed them or wish to revisit these topics.

Published October 2012; 220 pages. Print edition. $200

The Media Book
Each chapter of The Media Book focuses on a specific medium: TV, radio, magazines, the Internet, newspapers and out-of-home (including digital). It provides a concise review of all aspects of each medium's performance including a historical overview, audience reach, demographic appeals and CPMs. We also include unique and proprietary estimates on subjects such as ad exposure factors, ad awareness levels by GRP levels and ad wearout.

Published December 2013; 276 pages. Ebook. $300

Consumer Demographics
Consumer Demographics distills government data into over 60 easy-to-read tables on the changing demographics and consumption patterns of the population, including sex, age, marital status, education, income, occupation and race/ethnicity.

Published April 2012; 90 pages. Ebook. $100

Ad Receptivity: The Final Word
Media Dynamics, Inc. had unprecedented and exclusive access to Next Generation Research, LLC.'s 2003 Advertising Receptivity Index, and produced many reports and analyses on the topic. This report compiles all of this research into one volume. It covers consumer mindsets, demographics, product usage and ad receptivity for 189 product services/categories.

Published June 2007; 150 pages. Ebook. $100