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  • An updated 30-year track of TV's upfront ad sales with dollar amounts, CPMs and breakdowns showing how each of the broadcast TV networks fared
  • How linear TV, CTV/AVOD and addressable TV compare in terms of CPMs
  • How TV makes its profits
  • How much of all ad spend is for branding campaigns?
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National TV ACES 2022-23 contains Media Dynamics Inc.'s exclusive estimates of the CPMs and costs-per-rating point (CPPs) attained by the broadcast TV networks, cable channels and syndicators for all of the standard age/sex demos by dayparts for the latest national TV upfront ad sale. Data are presented on a quarterly and monthly basis in 36 tables. This information has been very useful to sellers of alternative media for comparisons with their own CPM pricing.

Published: September 2022; 36 pages


Consumer Demographics 2022 and Beyond

Consumer Demographics 2022 and Beyond


Consumer Demographics 2022 and Beyond utilizes U.S. Census and Bureau Of Labor Statistics data to provide a detailed demographic profile of the American resident population—the American consumer—past, present and, in many cases, future, for all of the key demographics and cross breaks, like age within education, income within occupation, etc. The sections include age, family size, education, income, race/ethnic origin, marital status, region, metro areas, consumer expenditures by product class and more. All told there are 70 easy to use tables with commentaries at the beginning of each section.

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Published: September 2022; 88 pages





CPMTrack tracks the average adult CPMs for linear TV in total, and by network type by daypart over the years, with comparable data for radio and consumer magazines. It is often referred to by those making forecasts of future media cost efficiencies.

Published: October 2022; 64 pages


Cross-Platform Dimensions

Cross-Platform Dimensions

Beginning in 2023, Cross-Platform Dimensions will be integrated into Total TV Dimensions--pre-order here and save $75

Media Dynamics, Inc.'s annual report designed to help make realistic evaluations of the audiences and advertising efficacy of TV, digital, radio, print and out-of-home on a comparative basis.

It’s impossible to understate the impact the new and emerging platforms have had on traditional media over the past two decades. WIth Cross-Platform Dimensions we quantify these changes and analyze how each of the media perform as advertising vehicles in this evolving environment, from the perspective of audience, time spent, demographics, reach & frequency, CPMs, ad exposure and ad impact. CPD also interprets what this all means from a media planner's standpoint, and delves into much-discussed areas like how to develop comparable audience metrics across media.

Published: March 2022; 101 pages
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MDI Alerts

MDI Alerts

STAY INFORMED! MDI Direct subscribers receive single subject reports of new developments and new research weekly.

Subscribers to MDI Direct subscription service receive Alert reports of new developments and new research, delivered by email on an ongoing and timely basis. These are brief, single subject articles designed to keep you informed as events break or new information becomes available.


01/17/23: What's Your R&F Among Heavy and Light Viewers?

01/10/23: Streaming Demographics Vary Sharply By Service

12/13/22: What's the Latest on Multitasking While Watching TV?

12/06/22: How Much Do We Rely on Digital Media For "News?

11/29/22: Keep a Level Playing Field When Comparing TV CPMs

11/15/22: Ad Attention Levels Across Platforms

11/08/22: How TV’s Heaviest Viewers Changed Over The Years

11/01/22: Can TV Provide a Perfect Fit For All Of Its Advertisers?

10/25/22: Are Traditional TV Commercials More Effective Than Mobile Ads?

10/18/22:  Total Time Spent With TV By Type Of Device

10/11/22: Digital Media Gains Among Branding Advertisers

10/04/22: What's The Forecast On TV News?

09/27/22: Netflix's Ad Revenue Prospects

09/20/22: Why Not Consider Mindset Targeting?

09/13/22: Why And How People Use Various Sources To Get Their TV

09/06/22: Is It Important To “Deduplicate” Audience Data?

08/23/22:How Do We Split The TV Viewing Pie?

08/09/22: CTV Scores Commercial Attention Gains

08/02/22: The Upfront Report: TV's 2022-23 Primetime Upfront Closes With Modest Gains

07/26/22: How Many Ad Messages Do We Really See?

07/19/22: The Aging Of Cable's Audience

07/12/22: Are Big TV Audience Numbers Really Better In Generating Ad Revenues?

06/28/22: TV Ratings: Which Are Right?

06/14/22: How We Get Our TV And Video Content

06/07/22: An Update on TV Attentiveness for CTV, Sports and News

05/24/22: What's National TV's Real CPM?

05/17/22: Changing Patterns of TV Content Access and Viewing

05/10/22: How The Government Profiles TV Viewing By Demos

05/03/22: Is Ad-supported Netflix on the Way?

04/12/22: Does SVOD Attract More Co-viewing?

04/05/22: Commercial Exposure Vs. Campaign Exposure

03/29/22: Is Targeting For Everyone?

03/22/22: CPMs Can Be A Misleading Metric

03/15/22: The Media Research Follies

03/08/22: Where And How We Watch TV In Our Homes

03/01/22: A Different Perspective On TV Show Ratings

02/22/22: Moving Beyond Default Primetime Spending In Media Plans

02/15/22: Is A Census-Style TV Rating Service Necessary?

02/08/22: Nielsen’s New CTV Audience Measurement Initiative

02/01/22: Has Streaming's Share of Viewing Peaked?

12/15/21:News Shows Become More Dominant For Cable

11/30/21: TV’s Ad Spend Predictions

11/16/21:  An Ad Attention Calculator Arrives

11/09/21: More Evidence That TV Viewing Did Indeed Rise In 2020

11/02/21: How Attentive Are AVOD Viewers?

10/26/21: How Much Time Do We Really Spend with Traditional TV?

10/19/21: Do CTV Buys Lack Reach?

10/12/21: Will Attention Metrics Revolutionize the Effectiveness of TV Time Buys?

10/05/21: So How Do We Watch TV, Anyway?

09/28/21: The 2021-22 Upfront

09/21/21: Upgrading The Media Function: Audience Potential Is Not Enough

09/14/21: Why Some People Cut The Cord Or Never Use Pay TV

09/07/21: Predicting The Future Behavior Of Streamers

08/17/21: Do AVOD Viewers Pay More Attention To Commercials?

08/10/21: TV’s Ideal Rating Service Revisited

08/03/21: An Updated Look at Our Changing Use of TV Program Sources Over The Decades

07/27/21: Is “Audience Buying” Really Coming?

07/20/21: TV's Impending Advertising Reach Problem

07/12/21: Nielsen's Audience Profile For Linear and Streaming Sheds New Light

06/22/21: TV: The Shape of Things to Come

06/15/21: Will The Pandemic Stimulate More TV Consumption In The Long Term?

06/08/21: Linear TV Or Streaming: Maybe Let’s Look At The Revenues And Profits

05/18/21: Improving TV Time Buying

05/11/21: Are Advertisers Deserting TV For Digital Media?

05/04/21: Does Anyone Trust TV Commercials?

04/27/21: Did Nielsen Undercount TV Viewing During The Pandemic?

04/20/21: Calculating Attentive CPMs--Is The  Industry On The Right Track?

04/13/21: Which Medium Is The Champ In Daily Reach Attainment?

04/06/21: Are Streamers’ Motivations And Perceptions Changing?

03/30/21: TV’s Digital Footprint Keeps Growing

03/23/21: TV Trend Comparisons: Who’s Winning The Game?

03/16/21: Don't Look Now But TV Sports Viewers Are Aging Too

03/09/21: History Says We Expect Too Much From TV Audience Surveys

03/02/21: TV's Ad Selling Dreams Might Be A Nightmare

02/23/21: 18-49 and 25-54: Your Day Is Past

02/16/21: The Continued Impact Of Political Leanings On TV News

02/09/21: The Shape Of Things To Come: Evolving  Broadcast TV Network Business Plans

02/02/21: Targeted Media Buys: Who's Kidding Whom?

01/26/21: More on TV Attentiveness and "Dwell Time"

01/19/21: Are Short-Form, Single Message TV Commercials More Effective?

01/12/21: The Genre Factor In TV Program Appeals

01/05/21: A New Case History Favoring A TV & Radio Media Mix

12/15/20: Who Streams?

12/08/20: How Many Adults Would Welcome Ad-Supported Streaming Services?

12/01/20: Is TV News Becoming More Attractive to the Younger Viewer?

11/17/20: How TV Ad Clutter Looks To Viewers

11/10/20: How Many TV Commercials Are  We Really “Bombarded” With?

11/03/20: Will SVOD/AVOD Change TV’s Audience Profile?

10/27/20: TV’s 2020-21 Primetime Upfront: What Happened?

10/20/20: Short-Term Effects Of Ad Exposure  On TV Vs. Digital Platforms

10/13/20: Do Our Political News Sources Cater To Us, Or Vice-Versa?

10/06/20: Emerging Sources Of Streaming Content

09/29/20: Video Game Advertising: Has Its Time Come?

09/22/20: Is There a Problem with Local TV Impressions and Ratings?

09/15/20: The Impact Of Covid-19 On Linear TV Usage

09/08/20:  How Will Our TV Usage Change By 2025?

08/25/20: Does Anyone Watch TV Commercials? An Important Question Revisited

08/18/20: Wither Co-viewing?

08/11/20: Rising TV Ad Clutter and Its Implications

08/04/20: Household Vs. Viewer Ratings: Why It Matters

07/28/20: Better Targeting and Its Impact on ROI

07/21/20: What Do We Mean By "Viewing," Anyway?

07/14/20: The Ideal TV Rating Service: Dream Vs. Reality

07/07/20: Do Ads Really Follow the Eyeballs?

06/23/20: A Real World Assessment Of Frequency Capping

06/16/20: TV's Premium Ad Breaks: Should the Idea Be Expanded?

06/09/20: The Shape of Things to Come?

03/17/20: The Disconnect Between Audience Buying And Actual TV Consumption

03/10/20: TV Channel Access & Usage: Past, Present and Future

02/25/20: Why Can't TV Be Bought The Digital Way?

02/11/20: More Insights About TV Commercial Exposure From TVision

02/04/20: What Does The Future Hold For The  Impact Of The “Streaming Wars”?

01/28/20: How Much Will TV's Linear vs. Streaming Audience Change Between 2020-2025?

01/21/20: How Profitable Are Media Ad Sellers?

01/14/20: Does Anyone Really Watch TV Commercials?

01/07/20: TV & Digital Video Buying Methods: Will the Twain Ever Meet?

12/03/19: New TVision Take on Commercial Attentiveness by Daypart

11/19/19: Which TV Genres Benefit The Most From Delayed Viewing?

11/12/19: New Data On Subscription TV, Plus What’s Ahead

11/05/19: Non-Linear TV Content Streaming Is Not As Extensive As Believed

10/29/19: 2019 Branding Campaign Spending by Medium

10/22/19: The U.S. Government Finds that "TV" Viewing is on the Rise

10/15/19: How Important are Sports & News to "Pay TV"?

10/08/19: TV Commercial Exposure

10/01/19: Advertisers Spend More to Reach Viewers in Sports and News

09/24/19: What Do Streamers Watch?

09/17/19: The Evolution of TV Program Sources & Their Impact Over Time

09/10/19: How Fast is TV Losing its Audience?

09/03/19: OTT & Linear TV: Not an Either/Or Proposition

08/20/19: New Study Says TV Clobbers All Other Media in Ad Effectiveness

08/13/19: Assessing the 2019-20 Upfront

08/06/19: How Substantial is Linear TV's Digital Audience Lift?

07/30/19: Let's Upgrade our National TV Ratings so They Mean Something

07/23/19: The Neverending Question of How Much Frequency Is Too Much or Enough

07/16/19: Netflix Subscribers Gravitate Mainly to Non-Netflix Original Fare

07/09/19: What Happens If Netflix Decides to Sell Ads?

06/25/19: TV's Solitary Viewing on the Rise

06/18/19: TV's Rising Ad Clutter Problem and a Possible Solution

06/11/19: A Proposal to Change TV’s Upfront for the Better

06/04/19: Surprise, Surprise: Primetime TV Ad Clutter Remained the Same as Last Year

05/28/19: Pay TV “Nevers”…but not Forever?

05/21/19: Millennials’ and Boomers’ Favorite TV/Video Shows  & Networks Aren’t as Different as You Might Expect

05/14/19: Is Co-viewing a Plus for Advertisers?

05/07/19: Examining TV’s Imbalance of Content Access & Usage

04/30/19: Local News Access is Strong

04/23/19: TV Commercial Effectiveness by Length

04/09/19: Are Social Media Users TV Ad Receptive?

04/02/19: Second Screen Access While Watching TV Increasing Only Slightly?

03/26/19: The March of Time: Aging & Its Impact on TV Consumption

03/19/19: Cord Cutting Continues, but Where is it Going?

03/12/19: Digital Gains in Branding Dollars, but TV is Still the Champ

03/04/19: Profiling TV’s Connected Audience by Age & Time of Day

02/26/19: Another Study Using Eye Tracking Compares TV Commercial Lengths

02/19/19: How People Get their TV Matters to TV Programmers

02/13/19: Where do Out-of-Home TV Sports Viewers See their Teams in Action?

02/05/19: Did TV Dramatically Trim its Ad Loads this Season?

Total Time Spent With TV By Type Of Device

(TVDA 10/18/22) It's high time TV measurement looks beyond TV sets and includes digital means of viewing as well

It's high time TV measurement looks beyond TV sets and includes digital means of viewing as well.

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Total TV Dimensions

Total TV Dimensions

COMING JANUARY 2023--TOTAL TV DIMENSIONS 2023--pre-order and save $75

Total TV Dimensions 2023 covers all aspects of TV’s performance that’s of interest to advertisers, ad agencies and TV time sellers. In addition to the basics like growth in penetration, rise of alternative forms of TV, time spent, reach and frequency patterns, CPMs, etc., it covers audience engagement, viewer attentiveness, cross platform comparisons, evidence of ad impact, and many other subjects that subscribers will want to know more about.

Beginning in 2023, Cross-Platform Dimensions will be integrated into Total TV Dimensions.

Published: January 2023; 190 pages
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TV Now & Then: How We Use It; How It Uses Us

TV Now & Then: How We Use It; How It Uses Us

Ed Papazian brings his first-hand experience to bear on the history of television and its relationship to advertising.

This is the fourth edition of Ed Papazian's classic book about the evolution of TV, in this case from 1950 to 2015, just before the streaming revolution gained momentum. It's a book, book—no tables or charts—and gives anyone who is really interested in TV an opportunity to kick off their shoes, plunk themselves down in a comfy easy chair and  learn about how all of TV's major program types emerged, how the networks operated (and still do in many respects), how Nielsen started to measure TV ratings, how viewer attentiveness was measured, how TV time buyers and sellers deal with each other, how advertisers approach the medium, and most important, how audiences react to program content and ad campaigns. Once you read this book you will have a much better understanding of what's happening today.

Published January 2016, 270 pp.


TV Reach Finder

TV Reach Finder

(8/2019) Exclusive! 4-week adult reach tables by GRP level and by demos


This is the only published source for revised TV reach tables reflecting the impact of continued rating erosion, cord cutting and the rise of streaming. The most recent update was made for the 2019-20 season and additional updates will be made as are deemed necessary. Breakdowns are provided for sex, age and income demos by daypart and network type for all of the commonly used age/sex demos. 

Published August 2019; 245 pages