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  • How TV makes its profits
  • How much of all ad spend is for branding campaigns?
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National TV ACES 2023-24 contains Media Dynamics Inc.'s exclusive estimates of the CPMs and cost-per-rating points (CPPs) attained by the broadcast TV networks, cable channels and syndicators for all of the standard age/sex demos by dayparts for the latest national TV upfront ad sale. Data are presented on a quarterly and monthly basis in 36 tables. This information has been very useful to sellers of alternative media for comparisons with their own CPM pricing.

Published: September 2023; 36 pages


Consumer Dimensions

Consumer Dimensions

Announcing Consumer Dimensions 2024, an exciting new annual report on how advertising reaches American consumers and their changing demographic makeup.

Consumer Dimensions is divided into two chapters. Chapter One: How Advertising Works explores how ads work, how much time consumers devote to them, the realities of attentiveness, the effects of frequency, mindset targeting and ad-relevant cross-platform metrics. Chapter Two: Profiling the U.S. Population provides an extensive portrait of the changing demographics of the American consumer: the aging of America, how the work force has changed over the years, the racial/ethnic makeup of the population, and many other variables that have a bearing on how marketers define their targets. Many tables include long term trending and projections to provide a complete picture.

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Publishing Date: December 2023

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ORDER CPMTRACK 2023 using code UPFRONT50 and save $50

CPMTrack tracks the average adult CPMs for linear TV in total, and by network type by daypart over the years, with comparable data for radio and consumer magazines. It is often referred to by those making forecasts of future media cost efficiencies.

Published: October 2023; 66 pages


Total TV Dimensions

Total TV Dimensions

Total TV Dimensions 2023 covers all aspects of TV’s performance that’s of interest to advertisers, ad agencies and TV time sellers. In addition to the basics like growth in penetration, rise of alternative forms of TV, time spent, reach and frequency patterns, CPMs, etc., it covers audience engagement, viewer attentiveness, cross platform comparisons, evidence of ad impact, and many other subjects that subscribers will want to know more about.

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(release date Winter 2024)

Published: January 2023; 190 pages
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Title Price
TV Viewing By Program Genre $125
How TV Ad Reach Builds At Various GRP Levels $125
Linear TV Profit Margins Slip $125
Shedding Some Light on Co-viewing $95
Is Pay TV At A Tipping Point? $95
Do Upfront TV Time Buyers Need to De-Duplicate Reach? $75
Variations In Our TV Diet By Platform $75
The Changing Profile of TV's Heaviest Viewers $105
OTS: A Myth That Needs Correcting $75
TV Attentiveness Averages Can Be Misleading $75
How Does Reach Relate to Ad Awareness? $95
Let's Talk Targeting $95
The Role of Originals in Streaming $75
Where Do We Watch TV? $100
Let's Slow Down With FASTs $75
Is TV's Sight, Sound and Motion Edge a Myth? $75
How We Divide Our TV Time By Program Genre $125
How The TV Networks Can Score More Ad Dollars $95
How Attentiveness Varies By Frequency Level $95
TV Ad Revenues $125
What's Your R&F Among Heavy and Light VIewers? $95
Comparing the Media--The Basics $250
What's the Latest on Multitasking While Watching TV? $75
How Ad-supported TV GRPs and Ad Spend Will Flow to Streaming $175
How Much Time Do We Spend With Ads? $95
Which Companies Control Our TV Viewing? $95
Digital Media Gains Among Branding Advertisers $125
Total Time Spent With TV By Type of Device $75
Can TV Provide a Perfect Fit for All Advertisers? $125
How TV's Heaviest Viewers Changed Over the Years $75
How Do We Split the TV Viewing Pie? $125
Solitary Vs. Accompanied Viewing $75
How TV Builds Its Reach $125
Is TV's Upfront Still Viable? $175
Can TV's Upfront Be Reformed? $125
How TV Viewers and Showtype Appeals Have Changed Through the Years $125
Variations in Ad Attentiveness by Program Type $100
How TV Ads Function Over Time $75
Is It Really Possible to Control Frequency? $125
Developing TV Ad Awareness $175
How Many Ad Messages Do We Really See? $125
Ad Attention Levels Across Platforms $125
What Evidence Do We Have About Advertising Impact By Medium? $225