Guide to CPM Data

Media Dynamics, Inc. is well-known for its CPM estimates, which are featured in a variety of our publications, and in varying degrees of detail. The following is a breakdown of the CPM data we cover, and the corresponding publication. Please note that our data is not network, show- or title-specific.

CPMTrack 2021

CPM trending for TV, magazines and radio

  • National TV CPMs for Broadcast, Syndication & Cable for adults by daypart, plus all-daypart average: 1960-61 to 2021-22 seasons
  • Season-by-Season TV CPM Estimates For Broadcast/Syndication/Cable By Daypart And Demographics (A/M/W; 18+, 18-34, 18-49, 25-54): 1994-95 to 2021-22 seasons
  • Estimated Adult CPMs For Network & National Spot Radio: 1960 to 2021
  • Estimated Page 4-Color Ad CPMs For Top 150 Magazines (Average): 1960 to 2021
  • Year-by-Year CPM Analysis For Adults/Selected Demos (Sex, 18-34, 18-49, 25-54, Prof./Mgr.,
  • H.H. Inc. $75K+) For 23 Magazine Genres: 2002-2020

National TV ACES Upfront Report: 2021-22
Our most detailed TV CPM data, for the current season only

CPM and CPP projections for all three forms of national TV—broadcast networks, syndication and cable—by daypart and demographics on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Total TV Dimensions 2022
Trends topline ACES data (sex and age CPMs for selected dayparts) for 2008-09 to 2021-22 seasons

Cross-Platform Dimensions 2022
2021-22 CPM data for adults, men and women by age and household income for:

  • TV :30s (Broadcast, syndication, cable and spot by daypart)
  • Spot Radio By Daypart
  • Network Radio All-Daypart Average
  • Digital (Network Display, Premium Display, Untargeted video, targeted video, mobile average, mobile premium, tablet average, OOH)
  • Magazines (Targeted buy of selected mag genres)
  • National newspaper buy
  • OOH billboard/poster