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TV Upfront Report 2015-16

TV Upfront Report 2015-16

How It Works and Where It's Headed

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This exclusive analysis of the 2015-16 primetime upfront shows how much advertisers spent, how each broadcast TV network fared, how cable fared, what the average CPMs were, and includes trends, in some cases going back to 1990-91.

Equally important, this new report reviews the upfront concept itself: how it started and got to where it is today; how it works; and why it makes sense for both buyers and sellers.

Finally, there is the question of getting more value out of the upfront. This report explains why many advertisers are missing the boat in this regard and suggests ways to improve the way they approach the upfront.

Published September 2015; 40 pages




The Latest ACES 2015-16 Report is now available!

National TV ACES 2015-16 TV Season: Upfront TV Network Cost Efficiency Estimates

National TV ACES 2015-16 provides newly updated estimates of cost-per-thousand (CPMs) and cost-per-rating points (CPPs) for the 2014-2015 upfront. It presents our proprietary CPM and CPP projections for all three forms of national TV—broadcast networks, syndication and cable—by daypart and demographics on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Since reports of this nature require considerable explanation and interpretation, we invite interested parties to review the prospectus.

Published September 2015; 29 pages