Guide to CPM Data

Media Dynamics, Inc. is well-known for its CPM estimates, which are featured in a variety of our publications, and in varying degrees of detail. The following is a breakdown of the CPM data we cover, and the corresponding publication. Please note that our data is not network, show- or title-specific.

CPMTrack 2016

CPM trending for TV, magazines and radio

  • National TV CPMs for Broadcast, Syndication & Cable for adults by daypart, plus all-daypart average: 1960-61 to 2016-17 seasons
  • Season-by-Season TV CPM Estimates For Broadcast/Syndication/Cable By Daypart And Demographics (A/M/W; 18+, 18-34, 18-49, 25-54): 1994-95 to 2016-17 seasons
  • Estimated Adult CPMs For Network & National Spot Radio: 1960 to 2016
  • Estimated Page 4-Color Ad CPMs For Top 150 Magazines (Average): 1960 to 2016
  • Year-by-Year CPM Analysis For Adults/Selected Demos (Sex, 18-34, 18-49, 25-54, Prof./Mgr.,
  • H.H. Inc. $75K+) For 23 Magazine Genres: 2002-2016

National TV ACES Upfront Report: 2016-17
Our most detailed TV CPM data, for the current season only

CPM and CPP projections for all three forms of national TV—broadcast networks, syndication and cable—by daypart and demographics on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

TV Dimensions 2016
Trends topline ACES data (sex and age CPMs for selected dayparts) for 2005-06 to 2015-16

Intermedia Dimensions 2016
2015 CPM data for adults, men and women by age and household income for:

  • TV :30s (Broadcast, syndication, cable and spot by daypart)
  • Spot Radio By Daypart
  • Network Radio All-Daypart Average
  • Digital (Network Display, Premium Display, Untargeted video, targeted video, mobile average, mobile premium, tablet average, OOH)
  • Magazines (Targeted buy of selected mag genres)
  • National newspaper buy
  • OOH billboard/poster

The Media Book
Published in 2014. Also contains some topline CPM data on TV, magazines, radio, the Internet and OOH for 2013 only—with the exception of OOH, more recent data is covered in the publications listed above.