TV Dimensions

Here's a peek at what's in the 2017 edition:

  • What's The Score On Unbundling?
  • Enter SVOD
  • Is TV'S Upfront Still Necessary?
  • Programmatic Time Buying For TV?
  • The Realities & Myths Of Addressable TV
  • Integrating Ad Performance Metrics
  • TV Ad Campaigns As The Viewer Sees Them
  • Program Environment & Its Effects On Commercial Impact

The 2017 edition of TV Dimensions provides the only independent and objective analysis of what's happening in television today. It covers all relevant aspects of the medium's performance, ranging from audience fragmentation, program type appeals, CPM trends, viewer attentiveness, and ad impact metrics to how the TV industry is adapting to ensure its continuing profitability, the competitive inroads made by subscription on demand (SVOD) players like Netflix, and how the upfront time buying process works and can be improved.

As indicated in the Editorial Outline, many of our reports contain our own expert estimates on subjects such as commercial exposure levels, the profitability of various segments of the TV industry, realistic TV reach curves, SVOD viewing by demographics, and America's weekly TV diet by program genre.

The Table Of Contents also provides a complete listing of all of the articles and tables included in this year's edition.

Published January 2017; 240 pages

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