Cross-Platform Dimensions

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Media Dynamics, Inc.'s annual report designed to help make realistic evaluations of the audiences and advertising efficacy of TV, digital, radio, print and out-of-home on a comparative basis.

It’s impossible to understate the impact the new and emerging platforms have had on traditional media over the past two decades. WIth Cross-Platform Dimensions we quantify these changes and analyze how each of the media perform as advertising vehicles in this evolving environment, from the perspective of audience, time spent, demographics, reach & frequency, CPMs, ad exposure and ad impact. CPD also interprets what this all means from a media planner's standpoint, and delves into much-discussed areas like how to develop comparable audience metrics across media.

All subscribers to Cross-Platform Dimensions receive Alert reports of new developments and new research, delivered by email on an ongoing and timely basis. These are brief, single subject articles designed to keep you informed as events break or new information becomes available. A complete list of articles to date is available here.

Published: March 2022; 102 pages

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