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Including our best sellers: Total TV Dimensions and Cross-Platform Dimensions!

MDI Direct provides one-stop, on-demand digital access to all of our research annuals, reports and white papers. Since 1982, Media Dynamics, Inc. has been the premier source for independent estimates and analysis of the media and advertising, and now our research is available to you when you need it, accessed instantly through our website, by report title or by topic. Subscribers simply click on the title to view it.

A one-year subscription to MDI Direct gives you access to TV Dimensions, Cross-Platform Dimensions, National TV ACES, CPMTrack, TV Reach Finder, TV Now & Then, and our weekly TVD Alert and bi-weekly CPD Alert reports. In addition, any new research will be posted to MDI Direct at no additional fee, and when new reports are published (e.g. TV Dimensions 2021), the prior edition will be archived to your account. 

To assist with your search experience, we have categorized all of our reports by genre, along with a brief synopsis. Click on the Explore Reports By Genre button to the left to browse the hundreds of pages of research and analysis available through this service.

MDI Direct is just $1650 for a one-year subscription. Bought individually, these reports cost over $3300, so this service isn’t just timely and comprehensive, it’s also a great deal.

(Please note that MDI Direct e-documents are read-only. For subscribers interested in print copies of any of our reports, these can be provided by request for an additional fee. Please contact Customer Service for details.)

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MDI Direct one-year subscription $1,650.00

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