Intermedia Dimensions

Intermedia Dimensions is designed to facilitate the process of making intermedia comparisons and, more importantly, reviewing the synergies and interactions that various media mixes can generate. In addition to the basics (demographics, CPMs, reach & frequency, timing, etc.), Intermedia Dimensions presents many qualitative indicators reflecting the ability of ads in each medium to register sales messages, including the vital aspect of ad receptivity. The 2018 edition of Intermedia Dimensions is fully revised and contains many new articles.

Effective immediately, we are happy to announce a new service included in your current Intermedia Dimensions 2018 subscription. All subscribers to Intermedia Dimensions 2018 will receive Alert reports of new developments and new research, delivered to your email box on an ongoing and timely basis. These will be brief, single subject articles designed to keep you informed as events break or new information becomes available.

We are happy to announce the addition of an intermedia research bundle that provides additional reports and updates throughout the year, at a deeply discounted rate. Subscribers to Intermedia Dimensions 2018 can add access to CPMTrack, our intermedia CPM trending report, and our entire library of Media Insights & Data Service reports for only $350.

Upon purchase of Intermedia Dimensions 2018 and the bundle add-on, you’ll get instant access to CPMTrack. In addition, you’ll have complete on-demand access to Media Insights and Data Service, 50+ media and advertising articles on a wide range of subjects, including print, radio and digital.

The bundle also includes access to future 2018 Media Insights and Data Service articles, plus the next edition of CPMTrack, which will be published in September.

A second bundle, which is TV-focused, contains all of the above, plus the current and next edition of National TV ACES and TV Reach Finder. It is available for only $500.

Bought individually, these packages are valued at over $5,000. Scroll down to order.

Release date: February 2018

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Product Price Add'l Copy Price
Intermedia Dimensions 2018, Ebook Version $725.00 $363.00
Intermedia Dimensions 2018, Print Version $725.00 $363.00
Intermedia Dimensions 2018 Combo, Print and Ebook Version $925.00 $463.00
Add Bundle (Only available with purchase of ID 2018)
CPMTrack and Media Insights and Data Service On-Demand $350.00 $350.00
ACES, CPMTrack, TV Reach Finder and Media Insights and Data Service On-Demand $500.00 $500.00

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