For those with specific media questions, we offer an "a la carte" menu of electronic articles, some excerpted from our research annual, TV Dimensions. Although buying the complete volume offers the best value, this selection of our most requested articles provides an opportunity to sample our research and analysis.

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America's Evolving TV Program Diet

This report examines how the typical TV home divided its total set usage time by type of programming and by demographics. (From TV Dimensions. 1 page text; 3 tables)

Hey, Advertisers, What's Your Real Reach & Frequency?

This analysis examines what happens when you look at a planned media buy or a total media plan in terms of likely ad noting, not just the theoretical "opportunity to see"(originally published as a Mediology report, 3 pages; 3 tables)

How Do Audiences Respond to TV Commercials?

An informative review of the major research studies on TV commercial exposure, as well as our estimates of commercial exposure (noting) factors by daypart, network type, program genre, commercial position and length of break. (From TV Dimensions.4 pages text; 6 tables)

Programmatic Time Buying for TV?

Reviews the claims of programmatic advocates and defines the areas where major conceptual and data validity issues arise. (From TV Dimensions. 5 pages text)

Rekindling Interest in Radio

This report takes a look at radio as an advertising medium, examining the issues facing radio today and offering suggestions on how radio can improve its standing relative to other media (originally published as a Mediology report, 4 pages)

Targeting: More to It Than Meets the Eye

There are many ways to use targeting to reach consumers. This report takes two key targets—heavy users and mindset groupings—and examines how focusing on each produces different results (originally published as a Mediology report, 5 pages; 1 table)

TV Ad Awareness: How Many GRPs Does It Take?

This paper presents a logical way for the media planner or advertiser to predict his/her ad awareness attainment relative to GRPs, providing s/he is willing to make certain clearly defined assumptions about the campaign's appeal and impact. While we do not intend that the model we have constructed be a substitute for actual case by case research, we have found it to be reasonably predictive in many cases. (From TV Dimensions.5 pages text, 4 tables)

TV Median Age Analysis

Analyzes the median ages of TV viewers for all dayparts and major program genres. Trends in the age of the major networks' primetime audiences is also included. (From TV Dimensions.2 pages text; 4 tables)

Where Are Magazines Headed?

This report studies magazines' losing battle against television and digital media, and posits ways for the medium to get back on track (originally published as a Mediology report, 5 pages; 1 table)