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Are High Rated TV Shows Superior Ad Environments?

This report reviews the alleged advertising impact benefit of high rated programs has been explored by many researchers using methods ranging from ad recall to dial switching behavior and concludes that, for the most part, rating level distinctions have only a minimal effect on advertiser impact. (From TV Dimensions. 2.5 pages text, 5 tables)

The Media Book: Internet

This report answers such questions as: What kinds of people are smartphone and tablet users? How many adults (by demos) use online ads for shopping/purchase decisions in a week? How do CPMs vary for online advertising by type of ad, how placed, smartphones vs. tablets? What are the typical in-view rates for online ads by type of site? What is the average visibility rate for ads by type of ad unit? How do online video ads compare in ad recall & impact with TV ads? What about wearout rates for online ads? (from The Media Book, 46 pages)

The Media Book: Magazines

This report covers key topics, including: magazine consumption by genre, reader demographics, the impact of alternative platforms, magazine CPMs, ad impact and more. (from The Media Book, 50 pages)

The Media Book: Radio

This report includes trends in radio stations, listening time and ad revenue, audience profiles by demographics and station format, alternative forms of radio, radio reach and frequency, listener engagement and ad exposure. (from The Media Book, 51 pages)

TV Ad Awareness: How Many GRPs Does It Take?

This paper presents a logical way for the media planner or advertiser to predict his/her ad awareness attainment relative to GRPs, providing s/he is willing to make certain clearly defined assumptions about the campaign's appeal and impact. While we do not intend that the model we have constructed be a substitute for actual case by case research, we have found it to be reasonably predictive in many cases. (From TV Dimensions. 4 pages text, 6 tables)

TV Commercial Exposure Factors

An informative review of the major research studies on TV commercial exposure, as well as our estimates of commercial exposure (noting) factors by daypart, network type, program genre, commercial position and length of break. (From TV Dimensions. 1.5 text; 4 tables)

TV Median Age Analysis

Analyzes the median ages of TV viewers for all dayparts and major program genres. Trends in the age of the major networks' primetime audiences is also included. (From TV Dimensions. 13 pages text; 4 tables)

What America Watches

This report takes an average winter week from last season, and shows how the typical TV home divided its total set usage time by program source and by type of programming. (From TV Dimensions. 1 page text; 3 tables)

Will Programmatic Buying Come To Television?

Reviews the claims of programmatic advocates and defines the areas where major conceptual and data validity issues arise. (From TV Dimensions. 5 pages text)