Intermedia Dimensions

A Media Planner's Guide to Intermedia Comparisons

Intermedia Dimensions is designed to facilitate the process of making intermedia comparisons and, more importantly, reviewing the synergies and interactions that various media mixes can generate. In addition to the basics (demographics, CPMs, reach & frequency, timing, etc.), Intermedia Dimensions presents many qualitative indicators reflecting the ability of ads in each medium to register sales messages, including the vital aspect of ad receptivity.

In the 2017 Edition:
Cost-per-Rating Points for All Forms Of Media By Demos:
• National & Spot TV (all dayparts)
• Spot Radio
• Network Radio
• Magazines
• Newspapers
• Internet (video & banners)
• Out-of-home (billboards & digital)

Media Time Spent/Attentiveness/Ad Exposure
A new analysis trending the time we spend with each medium, how much time is fully attentive and how many ads we are exposed to daily from the 1960s to today.

Media Mix Reach Calculator
We have refined our formula, with exclusive adjustment factors that allow media planners or sellers to approximate the reach of any media mix in just a few minutes.

Published February 2017; 116 pages

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