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Get to Know MDI

Media Dynamics, Inc. is a media/advertising “think tank” established in 1982. Over the decades we have operated as industry consultants and as the publishers of annual reports on TV (Total TV Dimensions) and cross-media comparisons (Cross-Platform Dimensions). We also publish bi-weekly Alert articles on these topics, as well as special reports on the annual upfront, CPM trending for TV, radio and magazines, TV reach estimates and more. Our complete library is now available through our service, MDI Direct.

While we often reference published findings from various industry sources, our specialty is delving into the often-contradictory data that is available, accounting for gaps or flaws in the data, and developing our own estimates, which have been used by our clients—agencies, advertisers and media companies—as a reputable “second opinion” free from the promotional bias often seen in the trade press.

As an introduction to readers who may be unfamiliar with our work, here are several tables that illustrate the type of analysis we provide to our clients.

Table I presents our estimates of TV’s national primetime upfront sales from the 1990-91 to 2021-22 seasons that are featured in Total TV Dimensions 2022. Subscribers also receive breakdowns by broadcast TV network as well as CPM estimates by demographics and dayparts.

Table II provides trending on the distribution of TV viewing by program source, or in today’s parlance, platform. While the broadcast networks once supplied 64% of the average viewer’s daily intake, the proportion is far lower today—although perhaps not as low as some might expect.

Table III chronicles the rise of streaming, which currently accounts for a 29% share of all adult TV home resident viewing.

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Media Dynamics, Inc. is also well-known for in-depth coverage of the latest media hot topics. While many reports available in the trade press are for the purposes of promoting the sales efforts of a particular platform, we have the freedom to cover important issues without hype and hyperbole. Download our latest report for the unvarnished truth about the debate over how national TV audiences should be measured.

How Should National TV Audiences Be Measured?

One of the hottest topics in media concerns how national TV audiences should be measured. Are you up to speed on this important subject? Want to know more, including the pros and cons of proposed approaches?

This complimentary whitepaper cuts to the heart of the matter with some interesting insights and information you probably haven’t been acquainted with before.

Download “How Should National TV Audiences Be Measured?”

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