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03/10/20: Is a Formula Approach the Way Forward for Comparing Platforms?

02/25/20: Why Can't TV Be Bought The Digital Way?

02/04/20: How Much Social Media Action Do TV Shows Generate?

01/21/20: How Profitable Are Media Ad Sellers?

01/07/20: TV & Digital Video Buying Methods: Will the Twain Ever Meet?

12/03/19: Radio's OOH Audience Isn't Just in Cars

11/12/19: Is Duration Weighting A Bridge Too Far?

10/29/19: 2019 Branding Campaign Spending by Medium

10/15/19: Where Do Adults Usually Get Their Local News?

10/01/19: Reach of Traditional Media Websites

09/17/19: Once Again, Consumers Say They Try to Avoid More Online Ads Than Those for Other Media

09/03/19: Radio's Reach Story is a Good Start, but More is Needed

08/20/19: New Study Says TV Clobbers All Other Media in Ad Effectiveness

08/06/19: Daily Media Reach: A Highly Fragmented Scene

07/23/19: The Neverending Question of How Much Frequency is Too Much or Enough

07/09/19: Selling Your Medium? Talk Marketing to Advertisers

06/18/19: Which Works Best: Creative or Media/TV or Digital?

06/04/19: When Comparing Media, it’s Sales Motivation that Really Counts

05/21/19: TV is Key to Reaching Those who Shun the Internet

05/07/19: Are Podcasts & Online In-Car Listening a Threat to AM-FM Stations?

04/23/19: How Valid are Reach Estimates Across Media?

04/09/19: Are Social Media Users TV Ad Receptive?

03/26/19: Are We Media Watchers, Readers or Listeners?

03/12/19: Digital Gains in Branding Dollars, but TV is Still the Champ

02/26/19: Is Social Media Activity Dominated by Young Adults?

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