Ed Papazian's MEDIOLOGY

There are so many new forces at play in the media world, and so much misinformation and wishful theorizing about them, that we feel the time is right to provide more objective evaluations in a series of thinkpieces. Each month we review the current situation and/or future prognosis for important issues such as the rise of SVOD; reforming the TV upfront; getting better cross-platform audience measurements; programmatic buying for TV; addressable TV; and more. Harkening back to Ed Papazian's days as a columnist at Media Decisions magazine in the 1970s and 1980s, these monthly reports use the same title, Mediology, the study of media.

To give you an idea of what Mediology is like, we have made the first issue, "What's The Prognosis For SVOD?", available free of charge here.

Product Price Additional Price
Mediology, March 2017, Hey Advertisers, What's Your Real Reach & Frequency? $125.00 $0.00
Mediology, February 2017, Programmatic TV: Costs Vs. Value Tradeoffs $125.00 $0.00
Mediology, January 2017, Targeting: More to It Than Meets the Eye $125.00 $0.00
Mediology, December 2016, Where Are Magazines Headed? $125.00 $0.00
Mediology, November 2016, Rekindling Interest in Radio $125.00 $0.00
Mediology, October 2016, The Realities & Myths of Addressable $125.00 $0.00
Mediology, September 2016, Is Cross Platform Measurement Coming Soon? $125.00 $0.00
Mediology, August 2016, What's the Score on Unbundling? $125.00 $0.00
Mediology, July 2016, Is TV's Upfront Still Necessary? $125.00 $0.00
Mediology, June 2016, Programmatic Time Buying for TV? $125.00 $0.00

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