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Our data archives feature free articles--organized by medium--from back issues of our annuals, TV Dimensions and Intermedia Dimensions, as well as from reports that are no longer in print. Also visit the Media Matters archives for past issues of our e-newsletter.

Magazine Articles

A Magazine Quintile Analysis

America's Magazine Consumption Then & Now By Genre

An Updated View Of Magazine Circulation Trends

Capsule History Of Magazines

Do Magazine Ads Motivate Consumers? A Review Of Five Studies On Magazine Ad Impact

How Magazine Audiences Expand After Initial Launch Period

How Subscribers, Single Copy Buyers & Pass-along Readers Rate Magazines They Are Exposed To

How Well Do Advertorials Work?

Magazine Audience Measurement: Its Evolution & Pitfalls

Magazine Research & Ad Sales At A Crossroads

Magazine Timing: Its Scheduling Significance

Maximizing The Magazine Medium's Appeal To Advertisers

The Aging Of Magazine Audiences

The Reach & Frequency Concept For Magazines

TV Articles

AAAA/ANA Study Explores Commercial Vs. All-Program Content Viewing

Ad Receptive Targeting Requires Local Market And National Planning

Ad Receptivity: Which TV Genres & Dayparts Deliver The Most Ad-Friendly Viewers?

Are Light TV Viewers Really Worth Targeting?

Capsule History Of Television

Commercial Impact By Length Of Message

Commercial Impact: An Overview

Commercial Positioning Variables

Do Viewers Pay More Attention When They Watch All By Themselves?

Frequency Works Best For Brands With High Recall/Persuasion Ads

How Consumers Respond To Commercials: Positive/Negative Evaluations & The Heavy Viewer Effect

How TV Commercial Awareness & Attribute Ratings Vary By Product Class

How Well Do Promotional Announcements Perform Relative To Commercials?

Mass Or Niche Media: Why Not Both?

Maximizing Results For High Impact And Less Effective TV Ad Campaigns

PPMs Reveal Significant Variations In Commercial Avoidance By Network Type & Program Genres

Program Environment And Its Effects On Commercial Impact

Recency Vs. Blinking Schedules: Which Attains Ad Awareness Faster?

Reshaping Spot Television As A National Advertising Medium

The Evolution Of TV Attentiveness Measurements

Tracking Brand User Patterns By Heavy, Moderate and Light TV Viewers

TV Demographic Targeting Past & Present

Using Spot TV To Account For Local Market Sales Variations

What Kinds Of TV Commercials Work Best?

Intermedia Comparisons Articles

Ad Receptivity: Many Approaches, Varying Interpretations

How Magazines Target Light Viewers For Maximum Effect

How Radio Can Be USed to Redirect An Advertiser's Media Weight To Light Viewing Segments

Intermedia Dimensions: Dealing With The "Apples Vs. Oranges" Conundrum

ROI Is A Difficult Criterion To Implement For Media Selection

ROI Modeling Should Consider The Diminishing Return Effect

TV Vs. Magazines: It's Not Just About Reach

Radio Articles

Capsule History Of Radio

Commercial Clutter On Radio: A Negative For Advertisers

Estimating The Ad Awareness Buildup For Radio Schedules At Varying GRP Levels

How Radio Can Use PPM Ratings Most Effectively

How Station Formats Target Different Product User/Buyer Groups

Radio In The Media Mix: Pluses & Minuses

Selling Spot Radio To National Advertisers

The Implications Of Listeners' Engagement & Ad Receptivity Metrics For Radio

What Is Really Happening With Radio Listening Levels?